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Whether you are at United Tips of Denville or United Tips of Sacramento, CA, meeting agenda's are the same, as is the case with all of our organizational policies and procedures. Meetings are scheduled around a lunch meal and take approx. 1:15 to complete. Below is typically what happens at United Tips of Triboro, New Jersey:

Meetings are strictly managed in order to be effective and worth the time of our members. They start out at:


  • 11:45AM - Mingle Time: Members order their meal. There are no assigned seats. Seating is on a first-come basis. Socialization occurs during this time.

  • 12:00PM - The meeting begins.

  • The Lightning Round Member introduction, name, company and category only

  • Networking Ice Breaker Exercise. (These are a great way to get to know other members on a deeper level.)

  • Education Round: Determined by president, this round in every meeting.

  • ​Elevator Round - Members give a timed presentation about their business. :35 seconds is allocated for each member.

  • Keynote Speaker. Members are allotted a specific time window for this presentation followed by a question and answer forum.

  • Tips, 121's & Testimonial Round: :30 seconds maximum.

  • Meetings end promptly at 1:01pm with the "Positive Quote of the Day", given by a chapter member.

  • Announcements:

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