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We feel that because UTA is a business networking organization that relies on the quality of tips, accountability is a major requisite for success. That is why we observe a strict policy governing the giving and receiving of tips.

What Is A TIP?
A "TIP" is a lead or a referral given from one UTA member to another and is subject to accountability rules and other restrictions and obligations on behalf of both members. TIPS are the lifeblood of our organization and are held in the highest regard. Without accountability in our tip policy, our members would fail to find value in the group and we would find it difficult to continue on. A large membership is a benefit to success of any business network.

How is a TIP given?
A member of the group, the "Tipster", fills out a tip sheet and then stands to talk briefly about the nature of the tip and who they are "tipping". This happens at the end of meetings. The TIP has three copies. The Tipster retains a copy for their records, the  receiving member also receives a copy and the organization receives a copy for record-keeping and reporting.
If a TIP is high priority or is time sensitive, members can give it to the intended member prior to the meeting, but will still be required to report on that tip and to submit it at the end of the next meeting, as if it is a first time TIP.

What is a "QUALIFIED" TIP?
All TIPS that are given must comply with a certain strict criteria in order to be considered qualified.

  • The TIP is aware that they will be receiving a call from a UTA member. No "cold tips" are permitted. 

  • The TIP must be in the market according to industry buy cycle.

What is required of the receiving member?

  • Member must at least attempt to  contact the TIP, via the noted method, within the day it is received. 

  • Member must make every effort to provide the absolute best service possible.

  • Must keep the Tipster informed on the progress of TIP.

The result of the policy enforcement is a 100% confidence in the group by our members and every effort will be taken to ensure accountability, legitimacy and integrity of tips given and received and our processes and models for providing a quality source of TIPS for your business. 

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